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“Just one hour after consuming half of the peanut butter cookie and I began to feel the droopy eyes, slowed time, and heavy feeling associated with most powerful edibles. The effects are prolonged and seem to come in waves every hour or so for 3-4 hours.” – Matthew Price, MedicalJane.com

“The effects are very balanced — relaxing without couch-lock, and uplifting without a Trainwreck-like panic attack. You’re going to end up very comfortable and chipper.” – Staff, SFGate.com Smell The Truth

“Though I am a high tolerance edible gobbler and daily dabber I felt a four hour window of pure brownie medicated bliss before feeling an urge to toke anything additional. Creativity was an 11/10 and conversation was frequently insightful and hilarious. By bedtime drifting off to sleep was easy as cake and many hours of deep rest was had.” – Justin G., CaliforniaWeedBlog.com


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“I used to be a horrible sleeper, couldn’t shut my brain off. Just want to say thank you to Dr. Robert’s Bakery for the incredible edibles that have helped me and so many of our patients to get a wonderful and “natural” night sleep! I eat a cookie one hour prior to laying down and snooze like a baby! It has seriously changed my life.”             – Paul G.

“Your product is seriously the only reliable product I’ve used. Thank you so much for all you do!” – Dustin N.

“Dr. Robert’s edibles changed my LIFE. I am 100% Vietnam Combat Disabled and I suffer from a number of extreme sources of pain. My current medical providers had me on Hydrocodone Bitartrate 6 times a day and Acetaminophen for my pain even though it was killing my liver. One day I got a blessing, a friend offered me a Dr. Robert’s edible. I am 67 and never found one edible that did shit. I could not believe it, after that Dr. Robert’s cookie, I no longer take anything else for my pain. GOD BLESS the great folks at Doctor Robert’s. – Cpl. Kanig U.S.M.C

“I love your products!! By far the best on the market!!”Kimberley R.